29 July 2008

Le Petit Dejeuner

Sunday morning I made a "traditional" European breakfast for my friends Lauren, Becky and Camille. The Dutch half featured toast with Vlokken and butter, and mustard and cheese. We also had Scottish porridge and crumpets with Devonshire cream and homemade Blackberry jam, and juice. It was delicious and it reminded me of being in Holland.

Harry and The Potters

This past Saturday my friends and I went up to Salt Lake for fun around town and a really silly concert put on by the tribute band Harry and The Potters.

We left Provo around 11a and when we got into SLC we went to the Gateway shopping center and spent hours spending money. We went into Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Banana Republic, Gap, J.Crew, and Anthropologie. It was almost too much fun. 

We had lunch at a delicious Dim Sum place called Hong Kong teahouse and Restaurant.

Then I spent way too much money at two international markets, The London Market, and The Old Dutch store. I bought Hagelslag, vlokken, mustard, bread, a cheese grater, chocolate, crumpets, Devonshire cream, porridge and the list goes on. The London Market had a bunch of Harry Potter paraphernalia and fun stuff, and of course I loved the Dutch store, I was just really sad that they didn't have fry sauce or Cheetos or Nibbits!

The London Market

Becky and I donned Wizard garb.

I wish we really could fly.

Wall of British drinks.

Becky threatened Lauren with the Elder wand.

The Old Dutch store.

Wooden shoes.

So Dutch.

In the snoop aisle.

Lauren was quite taken with the Herring.

When we were done spending money we went to the concert. It was about 100 degrees. Harry and The Potters weren't coming on for a while so we stole away to Starbucks to cool off and ice all our melting chocolate.

In Starbucks.

Cooling off.

Salvaging our melting chocolate.

The concert was terrible and so much fun. We made wands! Harry and The Potters play a lot of music that have funny lyrics about the books. Some things are only understood by true fans (Like the song about Cho Chang being called the Human Hosepipe and my favorite song "We have to Save Ginny Weasley from the Basilisk"). Harry Potter 1 was on guitar, Harry Potter 2 was on the keyboard, and Ringo Weasley was on the drums.

Making wands.

It was so hot. So very hot.

Harry Potter 2

I'm casting a spell on Becky with my newly made wand.

Harry Potter 1
Both Harry Potters came into the crowd quite often. I got to yell SPEW into the mic, and they always came into the crowd and stood just by me and my friends Becky and Lauren. We were probably the hottest most normal looking people in there. Haha.

When we drove back to Provo, it started to rain. It was a very good day.

28 July 2008

I caved

Just like facebook, I succumbed to the pressure of getting a blog. 
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