28 November 2010

This Semester will NEVER end

 I had such a lovely Thanksgiving with my dear Rudy and her family. After dinner and naps, Matt and I rallied everyone around the TV and we finished off the night with the very stressful zombie show The Walking Dead. Now that Thanksgiving break is over and I finished 2 papers and a book, I'm back to doing homework. I have to rework one of my horrible research papers about comprehensive sex ed, that honestly, I just don't care about anymore. Teach them all abstinence! See if I care! Just don't make me write anymore! (And really, I'm super against abstinence-only education, I'm just sick of all this work) And after I edit that paper (which I should be writing right now) I need to write a 8 page research paper on Butch Cassidy, and then a 10 page portfolio of all my family history research from this semester which will include 10 more hours of research. Kill me. I know I only have 3 more weeks of school, but honestly, this will never end. And I still haven't sold my contract (if I don't, we'll have to take out a loan to pay rent for a place in which neither of us live), and once I'm married and moved into my new place we'll have to start an even busier semester with no money. I don't know how we'll do it. Semester, please go to hell.

24 November 2010

A wife's idea of relaxation for her husband is to let him share whatever entertainment she enjoys

 I was watching a silent film from 1920 today to help me with an assignment. It's called "Why Change Your Wife?" It's a story of a frumpy wife who, through her own blameworthiness, drives her husband into the arms of a younger, more sprightly woman. The film is punctuated with anti-woman maxims. It was quite a laugh. The best one compared a womans nagging to molten lead being poured on your face. It was very interesting to see how womens' media image has changed (or hasn't) since then. Though phrases like this would certainly be inappropriate in a film today, I'm sure you've seen similar sentiments expressed in contemporary films.

21 November 2010

One last post for tonight.

I HAVE to sell my contract! Please, please, please, if you know ANYONE who needs to buy a contract this winter semester (and is a girl), PLEASE leave a comment below. My apartment is only a few blocks south of BYU campus, and my roommates are wonderful. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me!

Only one month to go now.

Yesterday our employers at Marvellous Catering threw us an engagement party. They made us sweet pulled pork enchiladas with fresh pico de gallo, caesar salad, artichoke dip, delicious cookies, and THE BEST popcorn in the world : white chocolate with candy pieces, and cinnamon roll popcorn. So good. We had so many leftover cookies that I brought them to my Sunday School class today.

We were so lucky that Marvellous Catering threw us a party and that we had so many wonderful friends who came to help us celebrate. We work for the best people. This little party was kind of like a rehearsal reception and it made us both really excited to get married. 

Matt and I made monster sugar cookies a few weeks ago. I never posted the photos. The best one is on the bottom left-hand corner where the bear is eating his own foot. Also the one on the top in the middle is my Robo-bear and I love it. Plus, they were delicious. The sugar cookie recipe courtesy of my sis Jaime. 

Something Old, Something New & Borrowed

Here's a photo of my poor broken computer. Look how sad it is. 

Here's a photo of the new and borrowed computer courtesy of Matt's grandparents. Thank you so much! Matt overhauled it and it runs like a brand new computer. It will definitely be a blessing if we can keep this for a while and we wont have to buy a new one until after we graduate.

14 November 2010

An easy way to fix an addiction.

Yesterday my computer fell off Matt's coffee table and hit my foot really hard. My knee also hit the screen and, well, it's destroyed. The Mac people said it would cost more than my computer is worth to fix the screen. So no more computer for me. I can use mine, but barely. All the information is fine, I'm just limited to the top left-hand quarter of my screen. We'll probably get another one in March or so. Until then I'm living on a borrowed PC (shame). I can't imagine I'll be blogging or facebooking as much. And it is definitely going to take a lot more effort to do my homework (since until we get the borrowed PC I'll have to go to the library to do things if my roommates are using their computers. Sad day. But I suppose things could be worse.

P.S. In an unrelated topic, I cannot wait to be married.

11 November 2010

A Hot Bath and a Gallon of Water

Today ended better. I'm sorry for the whiney, spoiled post. Things didn't get better, and I definitely had a few more crashes and tripups and breakdowns. BUT I got grilled pizza and my extremely stupid genealogy assignment done, and before I crawl into bed to rest before I have to be at work at 6a tomorrow morning, I took a really hot bath and then drank from my wonderful bedside gallon of water; ending it off with a really superb run-on sentence.

I'm grateful that I have a wonderful roommate with whom to go get pizza and a wonderful fiance who will volunteer for an Eagle Scout project and bring me back more wonderful grilled pizza.

I wish I could write a happy post...

Let me think, what good thing has happened to me lately? uhm, I got charged a $90 deposit for our B&B in Rome The Vatican. Good that we have the place, bad that that money is gone.

Matthew is a gem. I'm thankful for him. He doesn't run screaming when I come home from school crying every day. He just tells me it will be alright and hugs me.

It's getting progressively harder to stay in my classes. I HATE them. Every single one. I can barely force myself to sit through them. And they require so much of me -not just going to class. I have a never ending- Honestly NEVER ENDING- pile of projects and papers and research and reading to finish. I HATE IT. I want to quit. I want to cry to my teachers and tell them I can't do it all.

In 4 weeks I get to go to the Temple. In 4 weeks I will be done with everything but finals and the wedding. 4 weeks. 4 weeks.

I can do it... (?)

03 November 2010

Baby it's Cold Outside

For the last 3 years I've had fall roommates who insisted upon listening to Christmas music as early as possible (one year it was September). I've always fought against it. Since Halloween and Thanksgiving are my favorite holidays, I hate it when carols take all the glory and we wiz by those holidays only thinking of Noel. So my rule was no Christmas music until AFTER Thanksgiving.

So, I'm ashamed to say that, now that I don't have roommates pushing to listen to Christmas music so early, I kind of miss it. And, please don't tell anyone, but I added Christmas music to my ipod and I'm currently listening to a French Christmas hymn!

Oh the shame!

02 November 2010

Ma and Pa: My role models

I finished rereading Little House in the Big Woods, because this time of year (and summer time) all I want to do is read the Little House books. This is a photo of Ma and Pa Ingalls, at 21 and 24 respectively, when they married.

I know that the Little House books are fairly fictionalized, but something that has always struck me was the wonderful relationship that Ma and Pa have. They love each other and always have the other person's best interest in mind. Pa looks after Ma with an affection bordering reverence, and Ma always lets Charles take the lead and supports him to the best of her ability. I love them. I want to be them. I read these books and it's all I can do to not pine after a relationship like theirs. Luckily, I have Matthew and he's so wonderful to me. I'm not as wonderful as Ma, and I definitely have a lot of things I can work on to be a better (future) wife to Matthew.

Maybe someday Matt will let our children call us Ma and Pa. :)
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