30 August 2010

love school hate books

not all books. just text books. i love learning, but books cost so much money! byu has a new thing where you can rent your books, but here's the deal. you know which classes you want to take, but you usually end up dropping or changing at least one, or the 'required' books aren't all actually required, so you wait. you wait for the first class to see which books you absolutely must buy. then you check the syllabus and reading is due almost immediately. so you can opt to rent or buy from amazon, but you have to wait several days to receive them so you fall behind. or you can spend ridiculous amounts of money at the bookstore but stay ahead. i opted to wait. i'll catch up. but i can never justify spending $400 on books I will toss at the end of the semester. even with renting and amazon there are ALWAYS books that must be purchased new from the byu bookstore, and they will always cost you an arm and a leg.

25 August 2010


Check out these boots. I have them. I love them. I love it when I love something and then the next year it starts to creep up into more mainstream fashion. I don't invent things, I just find classy things I love and when other people start to love them I rejoice as we all revel in the classiness.

When I was 14 I fell in love with red ballet flats. Flats were NOT popular. In fact they were impossible to find outside of wedding wear websites where they dyed your shoes to match your dress. After rummaging through thrift stores and old lady stores for months, I found a pair. The next season they were everywhere.

Last fall I decided I loved This Hat and These Boots. Well, This Hat was featured in the JCrew 2010 Fall collection, and These Boots are now featured on The Sartorialist. Awesome. Way to go me. Keep up the classiness.

23 August 2010

A sickness

I adore JCrew. Anyone who knows me well, knows this about me. Nicole and I pore over each months catalog and coo and sigh and revel in its classiness.

Sometimes JCrew fails to impress:
Sequined Harem Pants (apparently so popular that they've completely sold out. REALLY?!)
I don't even want to talk about this one...

But JCrew also NEVER fails to blow me away with at least one item. This month it was the Noelle Gown:

Long-sleeved, high neck, high back, almost temple ready wedding gown. I challenge you to find a classy looking long-sleeved wedding gown that would actually look good on someone. I was convinced that this could never be done. But JCrew has done it again. Oh JCrew, what can't you do? Did I mention it has POCKETS?!

21 August 2010

Upside-down Plum Cake...

...equals the BEST CAKE EVER. Matthew has said this a few times. He also said that he wants a grooms cake of that variety, but I'm not going to make a cake so close to the wedding.
It really was delicious. I made it last night and it's gone, less than 24 hours later. Nicole and Brooke are partly to blame. The rest of the blame goes to Matthew. Rudy could only take one bite before the sugar was too much for her.

It was a delicious upside-down cake with plums and a peach, and I topped it all off with a plum glaze (plum jam, which equals the best jam I've ever made/eaten, watered down and some powdered sugar added and drizzled over the top)

SO Delicious. I wish it wasn't gone. I would like another piece.

17 August 2010

Texas- pronounced Tey-hass

Contrary to popular belief -my belief- Texas is not all desert. Here in Flower Mound it is very, very green. It's so weird to be a fiance. I love it, but it's weird. It's weird because it's now ok to say things like 'Matt and my kids, will look like etc' or 'When we're married, etc.' I love it. I love meeting my in-laws. I love Matthew so much. The separation right after engagement was a really terrible idea though, because now I just want to be married RIGHT now. I don't want to sleep alone anymore. I don't want to be Lana Pewitt. I want to be Lana Cole.

Today we went to a huge water park. At said park was a giant swing contraption where you are harnessed and a rope pulls you up 15 stories or so and then you free fall and then swing. It was terrifying. But it was also so much fun.

Have I mentioned I'm in love? Absolutely I am, Right now I get to baby sit an adorable baby. So blogpost over.

13 August 2010


Today I had to pack up Matt's apartment and store all his stuff in my car because he's supposed to be out by the 14th, and he's not coming back until the 19th. Luckily, I'm a really good fiance, so I told the management I was his sister and they let me into his apartment to move out for him. It was pretty tedious, but I know he'll make it up to me. Make it out with me?

While I was packing up my fiance's things I found a few interesting oddbits. I picked up a model human skull and it fell to the ground. The top plate came off and out rolled some brass knuckles. Not kidding; who has brass knuckles? And WHY? Next, as I cleaned out his closet I came across a squirt gun, a toy motorcycle and... a box of legos. Who am I marrying? Should I be worried?

I love him. And we'll have lego family night when we're married. And he'll hang up his picture of The Kramer and I'll hang up my picture of The Audrey, and we'll have a happy little home full of oddbits. [I shouldn't judge him too much since I am in the possession of a tutu (yes a real tutu) and a kimono (also, yes, real), and two pair of awesome Thai pants that I ordered from Israel.

He has legos; I have dress up clothes. I guess we're just two kids getting married. Worried? Not at all.

11 August 2010


Wedding registries are NOT fun. I always looked forward to registering, but I now realize the follies of that cognition.

But I did finish registering while Matt was away hiking mountains in New Mexico. We're registered now at Macy's, Target, and Williams-Sonoma. Matt will probably update/edit our registries, but for now you can see them.

Macy's           Target            Williams-Sonoma

To see them, just click on the link, and enter my first and last name. It should bring you to a site that shows you everything that we hope to get so we can make a home from a rented house.

10 August 2010


Today is Tuesday.

Tomorrow is Wednesday. Wednesday means Matthew has cell phone reception once more and is no longer hiking mountains in New Mexico. Wednesday also means I get to talk to Matthew.

In 5 days it will be Sunday. Sunday means that I will be on a plane to Texas to see Matthew for the first time in 19 days.

05 August 2010

Bah, I'm tigged. But you can't double tig on a tog.

Leslie: I'm not amused :P

However, this is how it goes:

. list things which you love about yourself
. post a picture
. tag some friends (I will not)

Somethings I love about myself?

Vain thing: I love that I can be confident without wearing ANY makeup (and I think I look pretty too).

Not so vain thing: I love that one of my natural instincts is to play the devil's advocate and look for the good in people, regardless.

Photo from my first date with Matt last September '09. I love my fiance, even with his short unflattering hair in this photo. (And I'm also very excited for all the married things and marriage bonds Becky and I have formed/are forming/will form. I've missed her.)

Everyone who reads my blog is tagged if they want to be. TAG!
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