21 December 2010

I get married in 3 hours.

There's not much more to say than that. Married. Me. Three Hours. To Matt. AH!

18 December 2010

Through Hell and Back Again, A Roadtrip tale by Lana Pewitt

We are home in Redding. I don't know how we made it here alive -really.

We left Friday morning at 330 am. When we got into Nevada we hit fog -really bad fog. Nothing went wrong for a few hundred miles. We hit snow. We were stuck in a line of traffic in snow 15 miles out of Reno. We were stuck there for almost 2 hours. When we finally started moving we counted 8 crashes, half of which were flipped and crushed. Leaving Reno was a disaster and we were starving and we were battling snow in a city we didn't know and tensions were getting high. We ate at the Waldorf Saloon and then we left. We had to exit the freeway and turn around to buy chains, the pass we wanted to take was closed for snow. Also, did I mention that our windsheild wipers weren't working? We didn't put the chains on right away and I was driving so slowly. Everyone was falling asleep but I kept on in the tracks of the truck in front of us. Suddenly everyone was stopping, my car wasn't however. I veered off to the right and then I kept going and was slowly turning around and going backward...down an embankment. We barely missed a metal pole and a telephone pole. I started sobbing. I could have killed everyone. Not even a minute later a man pulled up in a truck with a chain and pulled us out. We put on the chains and Matt drove for a long time. We were driving through snow from before Reno until Shingletown. (170 miles) The chains started to break and were whipping the car with each rotation of the tires. Eventually we just had to take the chains off. One was frozen and wrapped around the inside of the tire. Seth was up to his elbow trying to pry it off. I drove the rest of the way home. As soon as we were out of the snow we hit fog -again. Then we hit really hard rain (remember the wipers weren't working). We did eventually make it into Redding after the 11 hour drive had been extended to nearly 17 hours. I was physically and emotionally exhausted. I was worried the entire time we were driving and I was incredibly stressed.

We're here. We're getting married in 3 days. We're safe. We made it alive. I can hardly believe it.

15 December 2010

Last Days

Today is my last day to get everything done before I leave Provo. I will be here tomorrow, but I'll be working all day so it doesn't really count. Today I need to:

Finish my Utah History final
Order my wedding flowers
Get an oil change
Fill my tires with air
Get my legs waxed
Get a pedicure with my dear friend Nicole
Grab the camera from Becky
Buy a photo album and print some of our engagement photos
Make special popcorn (a LOT of it) for the reception
Buy plates, forks, cups and spoons from Sams Club
Do laundry

I think that's it. Thats a long list... Good day. I'll be married in less than 6 days! Huzzah!

09 December 2010

I want to eat at Wonderful restaurants, and listen to Wonderful music

Last night after my wonderfully inspiring dentists appointment (my teeth were the recipients of high praise. The DDS said he wished his teeth looked like mine *ding*) Matt and I had a little date night. We had a buy one get one coupon for Malawi's Pizza. Yes, Malawi, like the country in Africa. Their deal is that with each meal purchased, they donate a meal to orphans in Malawi. This sort of commercial endeavor is very hip right now. Matt adds, "Toms, Eat your heart out."  The pizza was super delicious but WAY overpriced. We prefer Nicoitalia Pizzeria.

We spent an hour or so walking around the Riverwoods. It's all decorated with Christmas lights and scattered bonfires and a brass band dressed in Victorian gay apparel (like from the song. I'm not jabbing anyone...). We spent 45 minutes in a toy store reminiscing on our childhoods and fantasizing on the childhoods of our children. We want Matt's dad to make us a Rocking Horse (maybe a hint?).

We ended the evening watching An Education. It was better the second time (and it was pretty good the first time) and surprisingly (to me) Matt liked it. We both agree that the man in the film is indescribably creepy.

It was a lovely date night. I really cannot wait to marry Matt.

04 December 2010

I've stopped looking at the countdown.

Is that odd? I've got too much to do. I'm really just one half-arsed whim away from saying "To Hell!" with my Family History project and taking a C in the class. I'm almost there.

Also, it may be because things are actually happening now. I'm going through the temple on Tuesday. I've got my flowers figured out and almost ordered, I'm almost done with school, I'm making money, etc. Things are happening so the countdown is irrelevant? I don't know. But 16 days isn't very far away.
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