30 September 2010

Photo Uploads

I haven't uploaded photos from my camera since before I went to Texas...in August. Tomorrow is October. Here's what you've missed out on:

 The only two photos I took in Texas: getting frozen yogurt (mine was way too big. I made Matthew finish it for me.) and on our way to Hurricane Harbor.
 One of the bigger carrots that I grew in my very own garden.
 This tomato clam vegetable soup. It was really really good on rice or with french bread.
 Nicole and I on the first day of school. So classy, so JCrew.
 Homemade candy bars: semi-sweet chocolate, almonds and pecans. Matt's invention, my creation. They were gone so fast I didn't have time to take a proper photo of them.

Pumpkin Advent Calendar. I got the idea from the latest Martha Stewart magazine, and jazzed it up a bit. In the magazine, it's just a children's game and some of the balloons are filled with glitter or other things. In my version there are 31 balloons, counting down to Halloween, and in each balloon is a piece of candy (or several in the case of candy corn). Each night a roommate will be able to pop a balloon and reap their candy. Very fun, and I want to do this EVERY year, because I LOVE HALLOWEEN!

I also love Matt a lot. And even though he doesn't read my blog, I didn't post a photo of my wedding dress, just in case he ever actually reads it.

22 September 2010

Indian September

Last September we went to India Fest on our first date -but you know this.

This September during India Fest time I had a breakdown about all my homework so we did not go. No big deal, we stayed in and I calmed down.

On Monday Fiance asked me if I could get all my homework done on Monday for Tuesday so he could take me out on a special date. Well I did.

Last night we rode bikes, in a roundabout way to downtown Provo. It was lovely to ride our bikes fast down the streets in the late-summer evening with the warm wind whipping us. We arrived at India Palace. I LOVE India Palace and I haven't been there in ages! We got Lamb Tikka Masala and Chicken Coconut Korma with garlic Naan bread and Onion Bahjis. So delicious, except the Lamb. I always try to like lamb, because I don't really dislike any foods, but I guess I do not like lamb -or pickles for that matter.

After dinner we rode our bikes back up to BYU campus. Fiance had purchased tickets to see a performance by the foremost sitar player in the world Nishat Khan.

It was awesome. He played, uninterrupted, for a solid hour. No breaks. By the end of it I was in this meditative stupor, but it was also getting late, so we didn't stay for the second hour.

It was a really great date. I love Indian September. Maybe someday we'll get to spend Indian September in INDIA!

12 September 2010

12 September

10 September 2009 I decided that I couldn't handle going back to BYU, that I needed to return to London and finish Le Cordon Bleu.

When I was leaving my Intro to Folklore class later that day, some boy walked up to me (and hit me on the arm) and said, "You going to India Fest?" I replied "Maybe, if I don't have to work." He said, "Want to go with me?" Again, "If I don't have to work."

10 minutes later (still talking and me getting annoyed that he hadn't introduced himself yet) I said, "I'm Lana, by the way."

"Oh, I'm Matthew Cole. Nice to meet you."

It was not love.

12 September 2009 we went to India Fest together. 

Thus began the awkward three months of, are we dating? hm, I'm not really interested? Why are we holding hands? Why are we kissing? What's going on? We can't be friends anymore, I'm not going to keep taking you out for nothing. You're my best friend. We're a couple now.

12 September 2010, we're engaged and happy and trying to figure out how to get everything done for the wedding while going to school.

12 September 2010, it's definitely love.

09 September 2010

Blog Fame

My blog is not famous. Probably only a handful of people actually read it regularly, and a few others have possibly stumbled upon it.

However, there is something so fun about being recognized from your blog, well sort of. Let me explain.

I was talking to this girl I know from a class I had last winter. I mentioned something about the high price of books. See Here. And she said, Oh I know! I feel like I was just talking to someone about this... Oh YEAH, on your blog.

Fun. <3

Today I ran into my favorite former french teacher who's been in Paris nannying FOREVER. After a brief how are you exchange she said, I saw your fiance in the hall yesterday. I didn't want to say hi because then I would have had to admit that I recognized him from your blog.

Oh Matt, you're becoming famous too.

Even if only a few of you read this, and probably the two of you unnamed but referenced here, I like it when I know that people read my blog -even if it can be boring. Let's face it, the goings on of a 21-year-old Mormon university student is not that grand. But keep reading! I love it!

(Also, I probably read your blog too.)

06 September 2010

I want to make this

If anyone who reads my blog out there is a knitting genius, please tell me how I can make one of these for my fiance. He is dying for one. Plus I'd rather he walked around in this than in the unicorn beanie he's begging me to make him.

05 September 2010

Pumpkin Season has begun!

We, as an apartment family, officially began our autumn celebrations with our first pumpkin! This pumpkin has been growing in my garden for a few months. I made a pie with a gingersnap cookie crust for Nicole's birthday. It was delicious.

Plus it's starting to get cooler in the mornings, and there are Halloween decorations in all the stores. I'm starting to freak out. I LOVE FALL!

When I was baking the pie, I was singing "It's beginning to smell a lot like Autumn, everywhere you turn..."
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