12 June 2009

Good Morning, Good Grief

I don't have class today until noon. I decided, what a great time to sleep in, since I've been feeling so tired lately. FALSE! NOT A GOOD DAY TO SLEEP IN!

My neighbor across the street is trying to fix his car or something, but GUESS WHAT, his car's bloody alarm has been going off every 10 minutes for 5 minutes AT LEAST for the LAST TWO HOURS! 

I'm praying very fervently that they get that stupid thing fixed. I can't stand to listen to car alarms...

Also, my hours at work were cut in half AGAIN. Time to find a new job.

04 June 2009

Why don't you wear a bag over your head instead?

My mom hates these glasses. They cause her physical pain when I wear them. 

She believes I wear them just to get attention, or some strange sort of attention by making myself unattractive to men. How could anyone find this unattractive?
When I told her that Ben likes my glasses she sounded nauseous and said "Oh that's disgusting! Why don't you just wear a bag over your head and cut out eye holes instead? Even that would be better!" 

But Ben loves my glasses and I wear them because I need them. Sorry Mom. 

Tu me manque vraiment

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