31 December 2009

End of 2009

Last year at this time I was getting acquainted with London. At the New Years Dance, that I didn't know was going to be a dance, I met my great friend Angus. I met lots of great people on that day who were my friends for the rest of my time there. I really miss London, and sometimes I want more than anything in the world to go back, immediately. But I enjoyed my time there and it was an amazing experience. I'll never have the same one again.

Here are things I am thankful for because I stayed in the US:

I love BYU more and more everyday. Even Provo is starting to grow on me -it is my home.

I have never been so close to my friends. I've never had friends whom I care for more. They mean everything to me.

I have probably the best boyfriend ever. Everyday I marvel at how amazing he is. He melts my heart and makes me blush. (In the cute old-timey way, not from embarrassment)

I love my job. It's the best. I couldn't have asked for a better job.

I love what I'm studying. I couldn't be studying this in the same way in London -I at least DEFINITELY could not afford it without loans.

Last of all, I am happy. I am really really happy. I wouldn't want to change all this. I know I would be happy in London, but it wouldn't be the same because I'm supposed to be here.

It's been a long year, a good year, some parts bad, but mostly good. And it's ending on a brilliant note. I hope I'll do better in 2010, but I'm doing alright and things are good.

27 December 2009

Wise Words and Wondering Thoughts

Rambling Thoughts and words of the Prophets

Christ knows the scriptures so well because he was the God of the old testament. It was he to whom the prophets of old spoke

express love and show it
bear testimony and live it
be constant

we look back to claim the embers from glowing experiences but not the ashes

when we have learned what we need to learn and have brought with us the best that we have experienced, then we look ahead, we remember that faith is always pointed toward the future.
there is something in us that particularly fails to forgive and forget earlier mistakes in life -either mistakes we ourselves have made or the mistakes of others. that is not good. it is not christian. it stands in terrible opposition to the grandeur and majesty of the atonement of christ.

let people repent. Let people grow. Believe that people can change and improve.

Forgive, and do that which is harder than to forgive: forget. And when it comes to mind again, forget it again.

why is there no witness until after a trial of our faith? because the Lord will not give things to people who have not had the opportunity to grow to a level where they can understand them.

23 December 2009

17 December 2009

16 December 2009

14 December 2009

I ate some soup that went wrong I think. I've been up all night throwing up. I need to be studying for my finals tomorrow(!) but I can barely stand up. Luckily I have a nice boy to bring me Gatorade. I will not post a photo bc I'm so pale I make Lauren and Edward Cullen look nicely bronzed... bleh.

13 December 2009

The Chocolate

This is my new place of employment. The photos overlapped funny. Enjoy the fake artsy montage.
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