06 August 2008

I love this Job

I would like to take this opportunity to talk about how much I love my job. It's not very often that people feel that way about a part-time job, I know. But working in the MTC is an amazing experience. There is something quite special about going to work everyday where the Spirit is so strong. 
 I love hearing the missionaries singing, whistling, or humming hymns as they go through, and (usually) they are so grateful and kind.
I love the wonderful people that I work with. I love working in a place where everyone is devoted to Heavenly Father, and I love it that my job, in it's entirety, is serving the missionaries and making their life easier. 
Though I also work Night custodial, and that is definitely not as fun, serving the missionaries makes all the menial work worth it. I plan on staying in this job for a while to come. I also know that it appears that I got this job for less noble reasons, but I would like to make it quite clear that I did no such thing.  Seeing my friends who are serving missions warms my soul and stirs such pride in me, however if I never saw a familiar face it wouldn't change a whit or tittle of how I feel about this job. 

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