01 November 2008

This is Halloween

Last night was Halloween. Probably my favorite Holiday just because I love the way the world looks during October and on Halloween you can dress as whatever you want, and everyone does. The Post Man was Tigger today. 

A few nights ago we went to the French Club Halloween fete and we received pumpkins. That night we watched Halloweentown and The Sixth Sense as we carved them up. It was so wonderfully Halloween.

It was the most beautiful Halloween day. It was marred only by the bureaucrats at the Post Office who make getting my Passport renewed a pain in the butt. Once that was all done though, Halloween night began. 
Our apartment was abuzz with people getting all ready for the night. I was a geisha, Lauren was a hobbit -more specifically, Frodo, Becky was Peter Pan, Hilary was Jackie O, 
 Paige was a cowgirl. We all looked fabulous, and I FINALLY had a reason to wear my Kimono.  Our dates were: Patrick as an RM (he carried around a wedding ring, he wore church shoes with regular clothes, and a tie from his "mission") It was brilliant really. Michael Hoops was John Stockton, Macord was a pirate, and Johnny was a Post Man or something -he really didn't even have a costume. 
Once everyone had all congregated, we all went to see The Nightmare Before Christmas in 3-D. It's one of my favorite Halloween movies and seeing it on Halloween night has special significance for me.

After the movie we had to wait around more for other people to show up and then we went to Lauren's Aunt and Uncle's house for homemade
 donuts and good company. There was danci
ng and such, but none of us were really that interested at the time.  
Lauren's little cousin Cyrus was dressed as Samwise Gamgee. 
Lauren's brother Ryan was Jeff Goldblum.
We were there for a bit and then everyone wanted to go to a dance party with Ryan. Patrick and I decided against it and I took him back to his car and said a final goodbye. He leaves for Romania on Wednesday. So sad. 

I washed all the black spray out of my hair and it turned the bath water quite dark. 
Then I enjoyed a few hours in silence before eagerly climbing into bed. I heard people come in around 2 or 230. I dreamt well. It was a very good Halloween, except one thing. I didn't get any candy... How odd.

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Rebeccah Louise said...

it is weird, I just realized, I didn't have a single piece of candy all night!

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