23 August 2008


I'm back in Utah from my week-long vacation in beautiful Tennessee. And well, I thought I was going to be able to move into my new apartment on Friday, however, I have to wait until Monday! So, I'm homeless for approximately 3 days. Luckily so many people are graciously inviting me into their homes, and my dear friend Becky is homeless with me, so I'm not so alone. When I have my apartment I'll post pictures from my excursion as a vagabond and from my ridiculously lavish Tennessee week, though I didn't get to capture the amazing 45min pedicure that actually put me to sleep!

Until I'm housed once more...

11 August 2008

Hare Krishna

This past Saturday, Lauren, Becky, Patrick and I went to the Hare Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork.

We had a lot of fun. The temple was beautiful, though not as peaceful and serene as some others that I've been to. ;)

We got a tour of the temple and the man answered all our many questions and gave us a brief rundown of Hinduism.

It was a really great experience. I think it is wonderful how truth transcends religion, and how when plain and precious truths are twisted something quite small can transform into something quite large.

We took many photos and walked the grounds. A yoga class was held whilst we were there. We played with the birds in the aviary and got them to speak.

It was a beautiful day and we finished it off with a delicious Indian buffet lunch and Aladdin.

Hare Krishna,

Hare Krishna,

Hare Hare,



Hare Rama,

Hare Rama,

Hare Hare,

Rama Rama.

06 August 2008

Three Years

Three years ago, August 6, 2005, I was baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Though it's only been three years, it feels like a lifetime ago that I wasn't a member. I honestly can't remember how I got on without the knowledge and comfort and guidance that this church has afforded me. I love being a part of this church and I love the opportunities to come to BYU and work in the MTC that were made possible in part by joining this church. I know that this church is good and that all the things it purports to be are true. I can't imagine ever living without it, and I'm grateful that I will never have to, for eternity. 

I love this Job

I would like to take this opportunity to talk about how much I love my job. It's not very often that people feel that way about a part-time job, I know. But working in the MTC is an amazing experience. There is something quite special about going to work everyday where the Spirit is so strong. 
 I love hearing the missionaries singing, whistling, or humming hymns as they go through, and (usually) they are so grateful and kind.
I love the wonderful people that I work with. I love working in a place where everyone is devoted to Heavenly Father, and I love it that my job, in it's entirety, is serving the missionaries and making their life easier. 
Though I also work Night custodial, and that is definitely not as fun, serving the missionaries makes all the menial work worth it. I plan on staying in this job for a while to come. I also know that it appears that I got this job for less noble reasons, but I would like to make it quite clear that I did no such thing.  Seeing my friends who are serving missions warms my soul and stirs such pride in me, however if I never saw a familiar face it wouldn't change a whit or tittle of how I feel about this job. 

02 August 2008

Harry Potter Birthday Party

As you may or may not know, last Thursday, July, 31 was Harry Potter's Birthday. My friends and I decided to throw a huge party and feast for a good number of our friends. 

We rented out a room in the Great Hall, or Heritage Halls Central building.

 I spent the entire day cooking and baking in preparation for the party. 

I made roast beef, two chicken and pork pies, potatoes and carrots, treacle tart, bread pudding, pumpkin juice, rice pudding (actually Lauren made the rice pudding) and rolls and pumpkin pasties, cauldron cakes and we had a huge bowl of jelly beans. 
Also for a night cap we all had warm bottles of butterbeer. 

Becky's apartment and her FHE brothers and a number of other friends showed up giving us a grand total of almost 30 people who attended. 

We were all dressed up in our best wizard garb and speaking in our best (very terrible) British accents. We had so much fun. There was Harry and The Potters music, musical Wizard's chairs, a duel, and just general splendor. 

I think everyone had a really good time, and I sure loved hosting it. 

We tried to get our Bishop to 

make a special appearance as Dumbledore,

 but he said he was too busy, sadly. 

I can't wait to have another wonderful party and feast. 

I had so much fun preparing it. 
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