09 February 2009

Half Way

I've now been in London for 6 weeks. My time is half up. I have mixed feelings. 

I'm completely in love with London... it's not hard to be. But I do miss being with my friends. They seem to be having more fun without me than I would like. :) Also, now that half my times is over and I'm on the downward end of things, I'm trying to enjoy this as much as possible, but also I feel like I'll be home so soon! I don't want to leave, but I also am looking forward to going home... Or Provo... It doesn't help when my friends here tell me that they want me to stay, and my friends back home tell me they wont let me stay. Oh the troubles of being in London; it's such a hard life. 

Tuesday 03.02 My mom's birthday. I got to Skype her briefly. I spent the entire day in my room catching up on things that I had missed being snowbound. I also decided to start taking more trips around the UK whilst I can. So I bought a train ticket to Dover. 
Wednesday 04.02 I spent the whole day in Dover. It was awesome! Hilary was down there too, but I didn't run into her. Because I was there during the day on a weekday, the town was deserted. I bought a Polish candy bar. 
I went down to Dover Beach 
 and saw the beautiful white cliffs.
 I then climbed to the Castle and had the grounds to myself.
 The main keep was closed, but the grounds were beyond cool. It was first built in 1181! 
There was also a Roman lighthouse (Pharos) that has been standing since 650 AD.
 It was incredible. The Castle was so medieval looking and it was outfitted with WWII battlements around the outside. 
There was a moat, and the Castle was built up on a false hill, and there were medieval tunnels under the Castle, which I explored alone, and it was very creepy.
 I freaked myself out a bit. I had to film myself so I could talk aloud and not be scared. Then a pidgeon flew out from nowhere and I definitely lost it for a moment. I bought a bag of sweets and some fish and chips (£3!!)
 and watched a group of preteen girls shoplift. :( I wasn't sure if I would enjoy traveling by myself to Dover, but I really did. I got to talk less about how excited I was, but it was brilliant. I got the train back around 4 and I slept very well that night, having walked around the town for about 6 hours. 

Thursday 05.02 School. We made puff pastry desserts: palmiers and open tarts. 
 Then I had institute. Not a lot. I was still super tired. But I did cut my bangs today. It's February and it's such a nothing month and I was feeling down on the way I looked so I decided to do something different. I haven't had straight across bangs in over a decade so I decided to give it a try. So I pulled out my scissors and chopped them off. I'm happy with the result. Plus I like looking a little different. 

Friday 06.02 Today we made bread: soda bread and dinner rolls. 
During my break I went to Platform 9 3/4 
(I couldn't contain my smiles) and then I went to the Tate Britain with Hilary. 
After class I went to the BYU centre and a group of us devoured my bread and other snacks as we watched Pirates of the Caribbean. On my way home I saw a homeless guy and I gave him the leftover bread. 
It was really fun. I could have used the bread, I'm poor and haven't purchased bread in a while, but how often would a homeless guy get gourmet, freshly-baked bread? He seemed happy about it, and it put a skip in my step. I stayed up way too late talking to people online. 

Saturday 07.02 Laundary day. I stayed in for the morning and did all the housework that I've been neglecting. Then I met Hilary at this 'rare book' store. It was incredible. They had first edition first printing copies of some of the greatest things. Anything you could imagine from Sinbad, to Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, Dante, Beatrix Potter, Sherlock Holmes. The list went on and on. The prices were outlandish. I saw some books that were worth more than my entire course at Le Cordon Bleu... Hilary and I got fish and chips from a pub and hung out for a little more. One of the BYU teachers saw me, and well she didn't make a big deal of anything, but I hope Hilary doesn't get in trouble. 
Then I went to my friends' house the Ostlers for game night. We played signs and psychiatrist -the usual. Most people left around midnight, but a few of us stayed to talk. Before I knew it, it was 3a. I had no desire to take a night bus alone, so they graciously pulled out an air mattress and let me sleep on their floor. 

Sunday 08.02 I was woken up at 11 by Leslie's King Charles Spaniel. He wanted to get cosy. I left their house around noon and met up with my landlady and her daughter at the Hyde Park Chapel. The Sybrowskys were in town. They are the kind people who gave me the name and number of Carol McCormack. I worked with their son Manly (Jared) at the MTC.
 I hadn't met them and I felt that I probably should, to thank them properly. They were lovely people. I had to rush home to get myself ready for church and then rush back. Church was good, and afterward the boys (my boys, since I suppose I've adopted them) decided to have movie night. I dragged Alana to come with me because she needs to get out and just wont unless forced. She's so self conscious, poor thing. BUT she had a good time, just as I knew she would! And my boys are so friendly and accommodating that it made everything easy. We watched Benjamin Button, and I got home before midnight -shockingly. 

Monday 09.02 Another day spent to catch up doing what I should have been doing all week, like scripture study, writing in my journal, blogging, making plans for my travels. Last week there were loads of spots on this Stonehenge half day tour on Valentines, but there was a glitch on the website and I couldn't reserve a spot, until today, but guess what, No more spots. So now I'm taking the train and then a bus to get there, and I get to take photos of myself again. Woot. But I'm not complaining, I'm going to Stonehenge this weekend! Awesome! Now I have to go iron my laundered clothing...


B said...

I love the Sybrowskys! He was my mom's first bishop in the Hyde Park ward. (That's where she was converted..) They're the greatest family! I'm glad you're having such a good time in London! :)

Polly said...

HAHAHa!!! i wanna go to platform 9 3/4


Kristy/"Grammy" said...

Sounds like another awesome week! You are going to have such a great portfolio of photos to treasure your lifetime. Hey, the photos you take of yourself while sight-seeing are prettty good...they look as if someone else is taking them...you're becoming a pro!♥♥

Polly said...

Oh Lana, I can't believe you went all alone for a whole day sight seeing. Your so brave!! What a great trip your having. I'm glad your making so many friends. Have fun!

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