29 March 2009

I woke up today and felt a bit better. I have a good life that I'm thankful for, whether or not that includes London. :) It's a bright sunshiny day in Redding, and very soon I'll be back with all my friends who love me in Provo, where it had better be bright and sunshiny also!


Lauren said...

I can't wait for you to get here so we can take some better pictures of ourselves.
Good grief!

I love you, dear. Just over a week!

Anonymous said...

It's natural to miss what you had in London and at the time you seemed sincere about leaving.

This one can hardly wait to hangout.


Paige said...

I second that, Lauren.

Mary said...

Welcome home!!

The Coatney's said...

i think your guys pictures are darling. just darling. in fact you should send me a new picture. i have your senior picture framed in our living room and you look so different now! or come visit and we will take pictures of you.

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