05 March 2009

Mars, Marzo, Maarts, Martie,شَهْر آذار

March -(n) the third, and best month of the year, usually following February

I love March. Every year when March comes, my spirits start to perk up. Spring is on it's way. The days get longer, the air gets warmer, the sky gets clearer, and flowers and animals start to awaken from their winter slumber. March makes me happy. 

I also love March because it is a month of Anniversaries. March 1: the anniversary of February being over. March 3: the anniversary when I first started dating my good friend Perry (5 years ago, honestly, I'm getting too old!). March 5: the anniversary of getting my braces removed. Metal free since 2003. March 7: my dear friend Hilary's birthday. March 17: St Patricks Day. March 20/21: the first day of spring, and the anniversary of my birth. And depending on the year there are a variety of Easter related holidays to enjoy as well. 

This first week of March has been wondrous. The weather has changed each day from brilliantly sunny and clear days to blustery, grey and drizzly days. 

Monday I was going to go for a run, but I was still recovering from my 12 miles on Saturday. So I ran less than a mile to Battersea Park and walked around that beautiful haven for a bit.

 I spent the afternoon being lazy before going to the iceskating rink for FHE. I didn't get on the ice, but spent it talking to some friends and planning the future weeks' FHE activities. Then I headed to Angus' house for one last evening of hanging out with him and Kate, before she leaves for India. And I got to try Cajun Squirrel chips. They were surprisingly delicious...

Tuesday I spent the afternoon exploring The Tower of London with a friend from my ward called Amber. It was a spectacular site. The history that abounds there is really something. The whole complex has a very bloody, dantesque feel, and it was awesome. 

Check out the guy dressed up behind me!

But highlight of my day: I got to talk to Lauren for the first time in over a week! It was a joyous event. 

Wednesday I spent the afternoon in Greenwich. It took me forever to get there by bus, but it is fun to see more of London that way.

 It was half clear, half cloudy, and just a lovely day. I walked around Greenwich park and up to the Royal Observatory, 

when who should I run into, but the BYU girls. It was not intentional. 

But it was cool to see Hilary there and hang out for a bit before Leslie showed up. 

I stood on either side of the Prime Meridian


 I had an ice lolly while I waited.

Leslie and I had lunch in a quaint cafe in the park 

and walked around for a bit before catching a bus back.

On the bus back I saw this:

 ... and it made me sad. Drive-thru McDonald's. In London!

I was totally late for class, but no harm done. For the demonstration Chef made "hot" desserts, including souffle and bread and butter pudding- my favorite, for sure. I stayed up way too late tonight talking to people online, but I got to talk to Becky, so it was worth it. I'm nearly ready to come home, I think. 

Thursday I had class. It was a good class. We made Les Petites Fours Secs, which translates into dry little ovens, but refers to small desserts that are delicious.

 Nothing was too difficult today, but I think I was a little distracted by a few things and I was much slower than everyone else. I just seem to have a lot to do before I leave, and I don't feel organized. And next week is my final! I should probably start studying... In the evening I went to Institute, but felt lightheaded so I didn't hang out afterward and I was asleep by 10p.

Friday was one of the most beautiful days that I have seen here in London thus far. Maybe I was in high spirits and it made the day better, or maybe the beautifulness of the day put me in high spirits and made the day even better. Whatever it was, I woke up to a sunny cloudless sky. It was pretty cold, but I was practically skipping to school smiling at everyone. During my break I should have been doing something productive like study for my final, or read scriptures, or even go for a walk, but no, I stayed in and blogged, listening to the Darjeeling Limited Soundtrack, which makes me so happy. On the way back to school, my tube was packed with a crowd of what appeared to be Orthodox Jewish guys. It was pretty cool.

We made a selection of Petit Fours Demi-Secs, which translates into little half-dry ovens. But it was just fudge, macaroons, and florentines. They were pretty good, and pretty easy too.

I wont do anything tonight because tomorrow I head for Scotland bright and early. I need to catch the train by 5a, because my flight leaves at 7a! But it will be awesome- freezing cold- but awesome. Edinburgh is on the same latitude as northern Newfoundland! Mental. 


Hayley said...

لماذا العربية؟؟

Anonymous said...

Another beautiful update. Take a breath and relax. You're across the sea! Don't rush your mind. Do what you must but love and cherish this.

M. Daniel Hayes

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