31 May 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Further desire to not write my french paper has led me to upload photos from the past weekend.

Paige, Ben, and I drove up to Rexburg, ID last Saturday night when I got off work. Ben stayed with his grandparents and Paige and I stayed with her brother and sister-in law. They made me do two dangerous things. 

Dangerous thing number 1: Ride Motorcylces

Despite my disapproval of said machines, I had quite a nice time riding through Rexburg with Paige, Mike and Debbie. 
It was a beautiful sunday.
And though I was terrified initially. I had a wonderful time. And the weather was so beautiful, it really made me appreciate Rexburg in a way I never thought I would. 
Paige and I walked around BYU-I, and it's super tiny. Everything was really clean, but I like BYU's campus a lot more. 
Then we went camping. Not dangerous, but super fun. I love camping, and it has been too long. Though I was not properly prepared for the cold/rain. Luckily Ben had packed us everything we needed. 
We got a little rain while setting up, but I slept pretty well. Poor Paige was absolutely frozen because she wanted to explore before bed and got her socks wet. :P
Dangerous thing number 2: shoot a gun. 
I shot a 16 gauge shot gun, and I hit 3 clay pigeons. I was so very proud of myself, and I showed Paige's brother that I was not a pansy from California -as he originally thought. My shoulder killed for the rest of the week though. 


travis pitcher said...

that is sweet. i must say that i am surprised by your dislike for motorcycles though. guess you learn stuff every day. glad you all had fun.

Polly said...

That looks like fun, I am kinda interested in getting Mary to go to BYU-I. I like the smaller campus idea. I would really like to shoot a gun too, I haven't done that since I was really young. Don't forget Rexburg is only 4 hours from my house!

Anonymous said...

Sounds pretty fun. I love shooting.

with sincerity,

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