04 June 2009

Why don't you wear a bag over your head instead?

My mom hates these glasses. They cause her physical pain when I wear them. 

She believes I wear them just to get attention, or some strange sort of attention by making myself unattractive to men. How could anyone find this unattractive?
When I told her that Ben likes my glasses she sounded nauseous and said "Oh that's disgusting! Why don't you just wear a bag over your head and cut out eye holes instead? Even that would be better!" 

But Ben loves my glasses and I wear them because I need them. Sorry Mom. 


The Coatney's said...

i love you but i might be with your mom on the glasses. but somehow you manage to make them look cute and trendy-ish. i would look like a dork. ben sounds good.

lybberty said...

2 things:

Your glasses are trendy--perhaps just not in Provo.... yet.

You do wear them to get attention. Own it.

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