07 July 2009

Just some preoccupying thoughts...

My iPhoto is not working. I can't look at nor edit any of the last 300 photos that I uploaded.

It's wedding frenzy in my home. There are 4 bridal magazines in my house. No one seems to be able to stop talking about weddings.

I'm making a wedding cake this week. Ben thinks it is really stressing me out and wishes I hadn't volunteered to help. It is NOT stressing me out. I get very serious when I bake, but thats no big deal. But it is a WEDDING cake, which means it needs to be perfect. So I'm just a bit more serious than normal...

Harry Potter comes out next week.

I fly to Seattle to visit my sister and her family on friday.

I have absolutely no money. I'm not getting any hours at work, and I still have to eat and make rent, so I'm just really broke. Which means that even though I like to think about weddings, I'm realizing that I have no money to ever get married. So looks like I'm going to be single for the rest of my life. The average cost of weddings in Provo, Ut (poor Mormon college kids) is $12,000 to $20,000. Good grief.

I want a cool wedding.

I want new clothes. Most of my things do not fit me, nor do they flatter my figure.

I want to be able to paint and knit and do the things that I love.


Leslie said...

Wait, who's wedding are you baking a cake for? Are you engaged, and you didn't bother to tell me?!

Anonymous said...



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