28 November 2009

Being with Family

Whether it's your own, or in my case someone else's, you are never hungry. I haven't gotten actually hungry before the next meal was served in the last 4 days. There is so much good food to eat. We just went out to lunch and when we came home there was AMAZING smelling soup. So I'll probably have to have another bowl. I feel like the poor starving orphan kid, adopted into this home and I just can't stop eating. Everything is so wonderful, it's like I've never eaten food before.

By the way. Becky, I miss you.

Roommates, I miss you.

Real Family (+pets), I miss you.

Friends abroad, I really really miss you, because I never get to see you.


Rebeccah Louise said...

i miss you too. I kept wanting you to be here.

Leslie said...

i miss you, too! But don't worry, we will be together again, soon!

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