25 November 2009

I made it

Here I am in Chicago. Chinese food, telephone calls, and Into the Wild. Lots of people dressed pretty cool. Too bad I feel like too much of a creeper to take photos of people when I think they look cool. Do you think the Sartorialist would mind if I took over that job?
Here I am, 1am Eastern Time. In a hotel in Atlanta. We decided to move Thanksgiving down 3 hours south. I'm exhausted from traveling all day. But the feasting has already begun. Oh I love Thanksgiving. I feel blessed to be able to spend it with one of my favorite people in the world, and her super funny family. I really look crazy in this photo. Now, Hilary, her sister Claire, and myself will be sharing a full sized bed for the night. Sweet dreams, happy eating. Count your blessings. I love you all, Marta.

1 comment:

Kristy/"Grammie" said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and mini vacation with your friends...and travel safe. Love, Dad & Kristy

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