09 December 2009

Bûche de Noël

Let me begin this post with a triumph. I just finished a 20 page paper/project. Yes I have known about this all semester, yes I've had the information for this all semester, yes I could have been working on this all semester, yes I only just started it 6 hours ago, yes it is done!

Now onto today. 0 degrees Fahrenheit today. 0 DEGREES! I rode my bike to school. My whole being just wanted to curl up inside of itself and sleep. I also thought my toes would fall off, luckily they hurt so badly that I knew they weren't frostbitten. Luckily.

The Duck Pond just South of Campus was frozen over. It was a sheet of ice. I felt bad for the poor ducks, but I also appreciated the beautiful photo op. Too bad Lauren wont let us have a duck. I'd like to adopt one of them.

On to the title of this post: My culinary adventures, as of late. For my Folklore class we were to bring in an item of food that had folkloric significance. I brought in

Gâteau St. Honoré

It is a delicious cake named after the patron saint of Bakers. It's basically a cream puff pie as someone in my class so eloquently put...

I had a nightmare with this cake. I used a different recipe for the choux pastry and it WOULD NOT puff up. I made 6 failed batches the night before. I went to bed extremely stressed. Luckily I work in a pastry shop (New Job: The Chocolate. I love it. Best job ever, I'm assistant baker!). The pastry chef helped me make it when I was off the clock. And it was perfect. I rushed home to finish and only just made it to class on time. Plus I had an extra for my roommates, they were semi appreciative, its good, but rich.

Today, when I should have been starting my paper I made a

Bûche de Noël

with Lauren for her work party. We could have made cookies, I didn't even have to help, but we impressed the pants off those techy nerds! It was the first time I ever made one. And I think it turned out nicely, especially since from start to finish it only took me under an hour, with Lauren diligently mixing colored frosting. Look at the perfect green of the leaves!

Now my paper is done. I'm exhausted. And it is way too cold. But happy. Enjoy the photos, Mom.

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