31 May 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Further desire to not write my french paper has led me to upload photos from the past weekend.

Paige, Ben, and I drove up to Rexburg, ID last Saturday night when I got off work. Ben stayed with his grandparents and Paige and I stayed with her brother and sister-in law. They made me do two dangerous things. 

Dangerous thing number 1: Ride Motorcylces

Despite my disapproval of said machines, I had quite a nice time riding through Rexburg with Paige, Mike and Debbie. 
It was a beautiful sunday.
And though I was terrified initially. I had a wonderful time. And the weather was so beautiful, it really made me appreciate Rexburg in a way I never thought I would. 
Paige and I walked around BYU-I, and it's super tiny. Everything was really clean, but I like BYU's campus a lot more. 
Then we went camping. Not dangerous, but super fun. I love camping, and it has been too long. Though I was not properly prepared for the cold/rain. Luckily Ben had packed us everything we needed. 
We got a little rain while setting up, but I slept pretty well. Poor Paige was absolutely frozen because she wanted to explore before bed and got her socks wet. :P
Dangerous thing number 2: shoot a gun. 
I shot a 16 gauge shot gun, and I hit 3 clay pigeons. I was so very proud of myself, and I showed Paige's brother that I was not a pansy from California -as he originally thought. My shoulder killed for the rest of the week though. 

15 May 2009


No one could ever accuse me of not loving my friends.

Les Maxime du Jour

On n'est jamais si heureux ni si malheureux qu'on s'imagine.

Le refus des louanges est un désir d’être loué deux fois

Qui vit sans folie n’est pas si sage qu’il croît

Il n’y a qu’une sorte d’amour, mais il y en a mille différentes copies

-Francois de La Rochefoucauld

14 May 2009

2 Things I Hate

Lately I've been so very happy with the way my life is going. Good job, nice house, perfect roommate, and boys galore to hang out with. Paige and I were discussing how, honestly, it doesn't get much better than this, our situations are optimal. But right now I'm annoyed for 2 reasons.

1 Inconsiderate people: whether they be poor drivers or girls who come into Gloria's Little Italy and I go out of my way to be the best damn waitress they've ever had, they spend $40 on dessert and don't leave a tip. Thanks guys, that's really nice for all of us making minimum wage to serve you.

2 Crushes: I hate having crushes on people. I hate feeling so powerless to your desire to be with someone especially when they don't realize it, or don't reciprocate. It may be the most frustrating feeling in the world. I also hate it when someone I'm really not into has a crush on me. It makes me sad for them. Really really sad for them, because I know what it's like to be in that position and it sucks. 

08 May 2009

In the Sun

The sun has been shining for days. I can't get enough of it. This is me right now, as I'm blogging, outside. Isn't it amazing that we can now get internet outside?! Who would've thought? I love Provo in the spring, it's the best time of the year here. 

06 May 2009

Why I couldn't sleep last night:

Paige purrs in her sleep.

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