25 January 2010

From the Kitchen

Spicy Chicken & Hominy Soup
Unfortunately no picture of the food, just a picture of me eating it.

I was basically cleaning out my fridge and made this delicious concoction. Beware: Very Spicy.

3-5 Chicken tenderloins (chopped)
1 Clove Garlic
1/2 Yellow Onion (roughly chopped)
1/4 Celery Root (roughly chopped)
5-10 Baby Carrots (coined)
1 can Golden Hominy (available in most Hispanic food aisles)
2 Chicken Bouillons
3-5 c Water
Red Pepper Flakes, Ground Black Pepper, Salt (to taste)

Salt and Pepper (both peppers) the chicken. Saute chicken and onions and garlic in 2 tbs olive oil over medium so you don't burn the garlic.

When thoroughly cooked and onions soft, add the drained can of hominy. (Hominy is a special way of preparing corn, the kernels are cooked and soaked forever [in the old days they used lye and wood chips to help cook them] until the turgor pressure breaks the cell walls and they are huge and swollen. They have a very starchy taste quite unlike corn.)

Add the coined carrots, celery root, and a lot more pepper (to taste). As for me and Matt, we like it super spicy. Add enough water to cover everything plus a little more -depending on how much broth you like- and the bouillons.

Cook over medium-high until it just comes to a boil. Do not make the mistake of tasting it at this point as I did this morning. Wait until it cools and enjoy.

White Hominy

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Paige said...

I like the stray sideways alfalfa hair in your picture.

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