24 January 2010

On Thin Ice

Matt and I went to Utah Lake the other night as part of our date. It looked like we had accidentally stumbled upon the Arctic. Utah Lake was almost completely frozen -at least as far as the eye could see. We went back today with some of his former roommates and it was lovely. Also we all decided to be stupid and we walked on the ice. I can't believe it. It was so scary. We threw huge rocks onto the ice that just bounced off so we knew it was really thick, but honestly we were just a few inches away from almost certain death. It was a bit foolish, and scary, but really exhilarating. I don't think I'll do it again though, and I know that I would probably have a heart attack if I saw one of my children doing this. But, thank goodness we had a camera -though a less-than-adequate one. If we had mine the photos would have been way better. :)


Leslie said...

what cute pictures! who ever took them had a great eye! how cute are you?

Rebeccah Louise said...

Haha, you know I learned to DRIVE on a frozen lake, right?
In a 2 ton pick-up truck.
Frozen lakes are not scary.

But your pictures are way cute.

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