28 February 2010

I (can) make good food

It's true. But sometimes I wish I had something more to eat than potatoes and bacon -no matter how delicious they are in all their various forms. (soup, fried, hashbrowns, mashed, etc) Thank you Matthew for always eating my potato soup. I know you've consumed about 3 gallons of it these past few weeks. When I have money again I will cook with vegetables and fruit (and not just the fruit that's in juice and popsicles).

I think together Matthew and I have consumed 15lbs of potatoes the past several weeks. That's kind of gross.


Joanie said...

Lana, what impresses me as much as your apparent cooking/baking skills is your camera skills. Most of the pics you post of your creations look professional! You have a great eye.

lana.aleyse said...

I definitely did not take that photo... though I'd like to take credit for it.

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