23 February 2010

sick ...again

This is me right now. Matthew did this to me (so I'm wiping my snot on his sweatshirt). I edited the color so you can't see how red and raw and sore my nose and upper lip is. And there's no way to convey through photo how my head feels like lead, I perpetually feel like i need to sneeze (but I don't until my body can't stand it and I rocket myself backwards in a superpowered thrust). The poor people who came into work tonight probably thought their food was going to be contaminated with my disease...Want to know the grossest part? I've been blowing my nose like crazy, every minute or so, but I can't seem to control the flow. Even when I was taking this picture I didn't feel anything and then a tear of snot ran down my upper lip. Disgusting. I know. I did the only thing I could do after a day of battling this: I guzzled some Nyquil and rubbed Vicks all over my chest and nose.

Why does Matthew get a measly baby cold and then when I get it it incapacitates me? Not fair.

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