21 March 2010

Birthday pt 3: "Real" Birthday

Baby Lana

21 years old

So, for those of you who do not know. My "birthday" is the 21st of March -The First Day of Spring. It was believed to be my actual birthday until I was 12. At that age, I needed my birth certificate for one reason or another, so I rifled through the filing cabinet to find it. I found my birth certificate (from the birthing center where my mom delivered me), but the date did not say March 21. It said March 20. I looked again and found another birth certificate (this one from the hospital) and it said March 21. My head reeling I asked my mom when I was born. She said the 21st, but when I showed her the conflicting certificates she supposed that she didn't remember the exact day. So we don't really know when my birthday is. Either way it falls on the Vernal Equinox (first day of spring) and it is the cut off exactly between Pisces and Aries. I like not knowing my birthday -or as I say, having two birthdays.

Today after church Lauren and I cleaned out the cupboard under the stairs. Matt came over and, while working on his paper, whined about how much the rubber band in his hair hurt him. Too bad he put it in there himself...

Matt and I got locked out of my house for 20 minutes because he threw rocks at Paige and Lauren. Good thing it was beautiful and sunny. Perfect spring day.

I bought myself a ticket to Mexico for May. One week on the beach catching fish and sun. The ticket only cost me $350. It was an awesome deal. I'm very excited.

Bishop came over and gave me three tickets to General Conference, score!

And I made split pea soup. Yum.

nice photo of Matt with crazy post-rubber band hair

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The Coatney's said...

that's funny, i've never heard that story before. i like it! happy birthday lana!

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