24 March 2010

No offense, but...

Does anything nice ever come after that intro? More than anything else, it seems to be an excuse to say something rude. You may not mean to offend the person, but you certainly mean to say something that should offend them.
No offense, but you are so blankety blank.

What if I told you a joke in French? If you don't speak French would you enjoy it? Would you catch the humor that is embedded in francophone equivocation or French incongruity? Would it seem rude if I expected you to enjoy the joke as much as I do?
Tu ne sais pas? Tu ne comprends le blague? Moi, je le comprends, mais, je ne tu comprends pas quelquefois.

If you don't speak my language, you may not appreciate my jokes. If I don't appreciate your jokes, I may not speak your language. You may find it humorous, whereas I may be offended or fail to see the humor.
We all have an access point. One thing may not seem like a 'big deal' but maybe it's a smallish deal: a smallish deal that pricks where we are weakest.

I try to understand you. Request: Try to understand me as well. We can meet halfway.
My back is starting to hurt from bending over for you.

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