19 May 2010

Bienvenidos a Mexico!

I got home from Baja (which coincidentally means 'low' in Spanish). I spent a week at Rancho Los Amigos near San Jose del Cabo (as near as you can consider over an hour drive away on a windy dusty potholed road that induces instant nausea.)

Fishing in the mornings

Sipping Mango juice or water with lime in the sun in the afternoon. Mostly this is what I did the entire time I was there: nothing. And it was wonderful.

Chino Maro my Dad caught.

The city of San Jose del Cabo for some shopping. Cabo means 'end' in Spanish.

Sunset from the back porch.

The scary inside of a fish's mouth. Yes, those are teeth way down in its throat...

My dad is the self-proclaimed King of Baja. He caught over 50 fish from the beach in two weeks in Mexico.

Fish Omelet for breakfast!

Cabo Pulmo, home of one of the last living coral reefs in the world!

I was so excited to snorkel, but...

I got stung by a jelly fish! A bluebottle to be exact! It stung me several times on both legs. I had a red line connoting where its tentacle wrapped around my thigh. Luckily it didn't hurt worse than razor burn and all the pain went away with a little meat tenderizer. Unluckily, I didn't get to go snorkeling.

We did a lot of fishing. I nearly caught something big on the beach. I don't know what it was because it got away. I do know that it messed up my wrist and I'm having a hard time using it now! I also know that even though I was in Mexico and far away from everything, I still looked cute. Cute enough apparently for a very drunk man to tell me he loved me before crashing through a table in a small cantina that looked something like this:

Monday Morning:

Mexican boys casting nets for sardines at sunrise.

Deep-sea fishing early Monday morning.

Look at that beast!

I caught a dog-toothed snapper! We ate it that night. Delicious. Though the catching of the fish made me feel uncomfortable. You can see it in my face.

Then we saw dolphins! And (unpictured) manta rays and sea lions.

Scary dog toothed fish. Look how sharp those teeth are! What if that bit you?

We also caught Trigger fish that WOULD NOT DIE! I felt so sorry for them. They kept flipping and trying to breathe TWO HOURS after they had been in the water. And, oh guess what, they filleted them alive. Yes. Alive. And yes they continued to be alive after both of their sides had been filleted. Luckily I hadn't had lunch, or I would have lost it.

It was a good week. I got a good tan and a lot of naps. I was well-relaxed to come back to work at 4am this morning... No one is that relaxed.


Hilary A. Johnson said...

Dear Lana,

I love you, and I think this looks like so much fun! Are you still down there?

I just posted my first blog of Paris and thought you might enjoy reading it. : )

Love, Hilary

Mary said...

Holy Cow those fish are the reason I do not like to swim in oceans, at least in a lake they don't have the chance to get so big!
It looked like you had a lot of fun though :)

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