02 May 2010

Wedding Cake No 3

This weekend I did a cake for my friends Sam and Roxanne. Everything went smoothly and the cake was perfect. I feel more confident and comfortable with this whole cake thing.
The little sign at the base of the cake read: "This Wedding cake was made by Miss Lana Pewitt." I was so thrilled and proud. The wedding was beautiful and I felt so honored to have contributed.

The wedding was held in a huge barn in Mapleton. Luckily it stopped raining for the reception. Everything was hydrated and vibrant for photos.

You can see the annoyance on Matt's face. he did NOT want to take these photos with me. He said that they felt too much like engagement photos. I, however, just wanted a nice photo of the two of us with the beautiful background.

The wedding was perfect, the cake was perfect, the bride was beautiful and it was a great evening. I'm excited to do my next wedding cake (June 1st!). Such a difference from the fondant disaster of July 2009. I swear to NEVER do a wedding cake with fondant again. Ever. I will however do beautiful buttercream frosting. So, uhm, anyone getting married and you want me to do your wedding cake?

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