24 June 2010


This past winter of extreme cold made me soft. Since when in my life has 90 degrees been unbearable? Never! But today, I can't take it. Today it's too hot.

I scorched my feet on the pavement watering my poor plants -withering in the direct sun (poor lettuce and basil).

I'll read a book about extreme cold for the rest of the hot afternoon and water my plants again later to save them.

Thank goodness I thought to close the windows this morning or my nice, cool, little hobbit hole basement would be a boiling cave.


Lauren said...

Wimpy, indeed.

It is finally pleasant outside. It ALMOST feels like summer.

Soph said...

And here I am thinking life would be grand if only it would drop to 97 outside...

Annah said...

It has been INCREDIBLY hot down here in Miami too. The other day I took a picture in the car and it said 100 degrees. I seriously felt like it was mocking me as I sat there dripping sweat. BLEGH!

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