30 July 2010

On Engagements

I did love Matthew quite a bit before we were engaged. And the act of proposing and accepting, in and of itself, is no remarkable physical action. But since I've said 'yes' and have worn this ring, everything feels different. I feel more attached to Matt, not like in an obsessive way at all, but in a we're linked together by the official intent to marry sort of way. I can only imagine what sort of sealing feeling there is to being married. I had to take the ring off today to do a lot of really gross dishes at work and I instantly felt weird. My hand felt odd and I kept rubbing my ring finger where I should feel (even if dissipated by sensory adaptation) that little circlet of gold. It's only been on for 3 days. Pathetic. :p

He's hiking mountains in New Mexico and I wont be able to talk to him for at least 10 days. I'll certainly get a lot of reading and wedding planning done, though.

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