05 August 2010

Bah, I'm tigged. But you can't double tig on a tog.

Leslie: I'm not amused :P

However, this is how it goes:

. list things which you love about yourself
. post a picture
. tag some friends (I will not)

Somethings I love about myself?

Vain thing: I love that I can be confident without wearing ANY makeup (and I think I look pretty too).

Not so vain thing: I love that one of my natural instincts is to play the devil's advocate and look for the good in people, regardless.

Photo from my first date with Matt last September '09. I love my fiance, even with his short unflattering hair in this photo. (And I'm also very excited for all the married things and marriage bonds Becky and I have formed/are forming/will form. I've missed her.)

Everyone who reads my blog is tagged if they want to be. TAG!

1 comment:

ajs89 said...

I LOVE YOUR TITLE! I miss our LOTR days!

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