09 September 2010

Blog Fame

My blog is not famous. Probably only a handful of people actually read it regularly, and a few others have possibly stumbled upon it.

However, there is something so fun about being recognized from your blog, well sort of. Let me explain.

I was talking to this girl I know from a class I had last winter. I mentioned something about the high price of books. See Here. And she said, Oh I know! I feel like I was just talking to someone about this... Oh YEAH, on your blog.

Fun. <3

Today I ran into my favorite former french teacher who's been in Paris nannying FOREVER. After a brief how are you exchange she said, I saw your fiance in the hall yesterday. I didn't want to say hi because then I would have had to admit that I recognized him from your blog.

Oh Matt, you're becoming famous too.

Even if only a few of you read this, and probably the two of you unnamed but referenced here, I like it when I know that people read my blog -even if it can be boring. Let's face it, the goings on of a 21-year-old Mormon university student is not that grand. But keep reading! I love it!

(Also, I probably read your blog too.)


Marge Bjork said...

connecting through blogs is terribly exciting.

Hayley said...

I'm a faithful reader

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