30 September 2010

Photo Uploads

I haven't uploaded photos from my camera since before I went to Texas...in August. Tomorrow is October. Here's what you've missed out on:

 The only two photos I took in Texas: getting frozen yogurt (mine was way too big. I made Matthew finish it for me.) and on our way to Hurricane Harbor.
 One of the bigger carrots that I grew in my very own garden.
 This tomato clam vegetable soup. It was really really good on rice or with french bread.
 Nicole and I on the first day of school. So classy, so JCrew.
 Homemade candy bars: semi-sweet chocolate, almonds and pecans. Matt's invention, my creation. They were gone so fast I didn't have time to take a proper photo of them.

Pumpkin Advent Calendar. I got the idea from the latest Martha Stewart magazine, and jazzed it up a bit. In the magazine, it's just a children's game and some of the balloons are filled with glitter or other things. In my version there are 31 balloons, counting down to Halloween, and in each balloon is a piece of candy (or several in the case of candy corn). Each night a roommate will be able to pop a balloon and reap their candy. Very fun, and I want to do this EVERY year, because I LOVE HALLOWEEN!

I also love Matt a lot. And even though he doesn't read my blog, I didn't post a photo of my wedding dress, just in case he ever actually reads it.

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