10 October 2010

'The whole wood is full of her spies. Even some of the trees are on her side.'

Remember earlier this month when I made a gingersnap crust pumpkin pie?

Remember how it was a stroke of genius and extremely delicious? (I don't mind saying something I've made is delicious when I eat it and cannot get enough, sorry humility.)

WELL! In the November 2010 issue of the Martha Stewart Magazine, in the "Save Room For..." section she featured a, ahem, pumpkin pie with a gingersnap crust!

I'm proud to say I did it before Martha (not that I really imagine I was the first). Also featured in the issue was cranberry tarts, which I made last year and Nicole and I have been dying for since.

Oh Martha, you're so Lana.


Rebeccah Louise said...

Is Martha the White Witch in this scenario?

Leslie said...

Oh my goodness! I love this! Martha is so awesome. x

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