14 November 2010

An easy way to fix an addiction.

Yesterday my computer fell off Matt's coffee table and hit my foot really hard. My knee also hit the screen and, well, it's destroyed. The Mac people said it would cost more than my computer is worth to fix the screen. So no more computer for me. I can use mine, but barely. All the information is fine, I'm just limited to the top left-hand quarter of my screen. We'll probably get another one in March or so. Until then I'm living on a borrowed PC (shame). I can't imagine I'll be blogging or facebooking as much. And it is definitely going to take a lot more effort to do my homework (since until we get the borrowed PC I'll have to go to the library to do things if my roommates are using their computers. Sad day. But I suppose things could be worse.

P.S. In an unrelated topic, I cannot wait to be married.

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