11 November 2010

I wish I could write a happy post...

Let me think, what good thing has happened to me lately? uhm, I got charged a $90 deposit for our B&B in Rome The Vatican. Good that we have the place, bad that that money is gone.

Matthew is a gem. I'm thankful for him. He doesn't run screaming when I come home from school crying every day. He just tells me it will be alright and hugs me.

It's getting progressively harder to stay in my classes. I HATE them. Every single one. I can barely force myself to sit through them. And they require so much of me -not just going to class. I have a never ending- Honestly NEVER ENDING- pile of projects and papers and research and reading to finish. I HATE IT. I want to quit. I want to cry to my teachers and tell them I can't do it all.

In 4 weeks I get to go to the Temple. In 4 weeks I will be done with everything but finals and the wedding. 4 weeks. 4 weeks.

I can do it... (?)


Anonymous said...

Um... Has anyone told you that you're going to ROME on your honeymoon? Be grateful for what you have.

Marge Bjork said...

when my baby nephew cries I always pull up the sesame street "it's ok to cry" song on youtube. It seems to passify him, maybe it could work for you. I also recommend "fixing my hair" and "I've got a new way to walk." Or maybe "the sign says 'don't walk'" would be more apropos for you. Anyway, imagine chucking your text books at people's faces. That works for me sometimes.

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