02 November 2010

Ma and Pa: My role models

I finished rereading Little House in the Big Woods, because this time of year (and summer time) all I want to do is read the Little House books. This is a photo of Ma and Pa Ingalls, at 21 and 24 respectively, when they married.

I know that the Little House books are fairly fictionalized, but something that has always struck me was the wonderful relationship that Ma and Pa have. They love each other and always have the other person's best interest in mind. Pa looks after Ma with an affection bordering reverence, and Ma always lets Charles take the lead and supports him to the best of her ability. I love them. I want to be them. I read these books and it's all I can do to not pine after a relationship like theirs. Luckily, I have Matthew and he's so wonderful to me. I'm not as wonderful as Ma, and I definitely have a lot of things I can work on to be a better (future) wife to Matthew.

Maybe someday Matt will let our children call us Ma and Pa. :)

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