28 November 2010

This Semester will NEVER end

 I had such a lovely Thanksgiving with my dear Rudy and her family. After dinner and naps, Matt and I rallied everyone around the TV and we finished off the night with the very stressful zombie show The Walking Dead. Now that Thanksgiving break is over and I finished 2 papers and a book, I'm back to doing homework. I have to rework one of my horrible research papers about comprehensive sex ed, that honestly, I just don't care about anymore. Teach them all abstinence! See if I care! Just don't make me write anymore! (And really, I'm super against abstinence-only education, I'm just sick of all this work) And after I edit that paper (which I should be writing right now) I need to write a 8 page research paper on Butch Cassidy, and then a 10 page portfolio of all my family history research from this semester which will include 10 more hours of research. Kill me. I know I only have 3 more weeks of school, but honestly, this will never end. And I still haven't sold my contract (if I don't, we'll have to take out a loan to pay rent for a place in which neither of us live), and once I'm married and moved into my new place we'll have to start an even busier semester with no money. I don't know how we'll do it. Semester, please go to hell.

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