09 December 2010

I want to eat at Wonderful restaurants, and listen to Wonderful music

Last night after my wonderfully inspiring dentists appointment (my teeth were the recipients of high praise. The DDS said he wished his teeth looked like mine *ding*) Matt and I had a little date night. We had a buy one get one coupon for Malawi's Pizza. Yes, Malawi, like the country in Africa. Their deal is that with each meal purchased, they donate a meal to orphans in Malawi. This sort of commercial endeavor is very hip right now. Matt adds, "Toms, Eat your heart out."  The pizza was super delicious but WAY overpriced. We prefer Nicoitalia Pizzeria.

We spent an hour or so walking around the Riverwoods. It's all decorated with Christmas lights and scattered bonfires and a brass band dressed in Victorian gay apparel (like from the song. I'm not jabbing anyone...). We spent 45 minutes in a toy store reminiscing on our childhoods and fantasizing on the childhoods of our children. We want Matt's dad to make us a Rocking Horse (maybe a hint?).

We ended the evening watching An Education. It was better the second time (and it was pretty good the first time) and surprisingly (to me) Matt liked it. We both agree that the man in the film is indescribably creepy.

It was a lovely date night. I really cannot wait to marry Matt.


Rebeccah Louise said...

The Riverwoods looks like a wintery fairy land.
It's very sneaky, since I drive by and want to go because it's so pretty.
But once I'm there I spend my money, since turns out it's a mall.
I have An Education on my computer. I have not watched it yet.
But maybe I will now...

wishful nals said...

so sweet. :)

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