03 September 2008

Willows End

It's been over a week since I last was able to blog. I had such a good time in Tennessee. Hilary's house was beautiful and everywhere we went was fantastic. I was very sad to leave. 
When I got back to Utah Becky and I stayed with her friends the Stanley's in Ogden, her friend Kaylie in Lehi and our friend Patrick in Spanish Fork. I had to work, but the time we spent homeless was too much fun. We recorded most of our adventures on my video camera. When we checked into Glenwood Apartments our dear friend Lauren was not in our apartment! We were so upset. Glenwood administration said that if we could get someone to switch rooms with us then it would be ok. We tried for almost a week before our roommates would switch with Lauren and her roommate. Lauren, in the mean time, slept in our apartment and had all her belongings in our living room. I think the fact that she didn't move into her own apartment was incentive for the others to leave. 

Before Lauren arrived, Becky and I set up our apartment as best as we could. My room was painted a hideous green color and I spent one whole day making it beautiful! I just love my new apartment. Now that Lauren and Hilary and Paige are all moved in, everything is in place and it feels like I really have my own home here. And now that I have a job, I really do have a life here in Provo. And our apartment is so comfortable and homey. We decided to name it, and we christened it Willows End. 

This past weekend we all went wakeboarding on Utah Lake.
I am proud to say that I was the only girl to get up on the first try!
And I sorely paid for it. I was in so much pain everywhere for days! 
But I looked super cute in all the
photos we took. 
The other day we went to Ikea and bought wonderful things and we went to the fabric store and that evening I made two plaid pencil skirts of black lumberjack felt. Lauren and I look fabulous in our skirts! Then on September 2nd school started. I love all the classes that I have had so far and Provo has treated us to beautiful cool autumn weather. 
This past week has been good. Many of my friends are now in the MTC and I love to see them when I work. Today, Dalton spoke to me. It was quite pleasant and it made me so ridiculously happy. I also got a letter from Perry in the mail and he has changed so much. He is so kind and loving and his letter made me feel so good. I really love getting mail. 

Tonight we went grocery shopping and I spent way too much money on fresh produce. Life is too expensive. Especially since I had to spend $230 on books! Oh well. At least I'm all settled in, and I love Willows End.

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