21 October 2008


Instead of doing my French homework, I decided to blog. 

Sunday after church we decided that our living room was too clean. As if. But that's hardly the point. We built a fort! It took over the entire living room. It was cozy and VERY warm. We set up the computer and watched Casper the Friendly Ghost while we ate a variety of snacks that included, rice with peanut sauce, apples, ice cream, candy corn, caramels, chips and salsa, crackers with either peanut butter or honey, juice, cookie dough and much more. We decided to christen our fort with the moniker Den of Gluttony. It was true to it's name. After Casper we watched The Office and several episodes of How I Met Your Mother. I finished crocheting a hat for Becky. It's not my best work, but it's pretty cute. We all felt quite sick by the time we crawled forth from our fort, having pushed our stomaches and flattened out bums to the limit. Worth it, I think. We built a fort! 

Also, I cut Paige's hair. It turned out pretty nicely. 

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