17 October 2008

Sqaw Peak

Up Rock Canyon you can hike four and a half miles to Squaw Peak. It's the actual peak for which the Squaw Peak Lookout/Makeout place. It's not the same. Anyway, it's a nine mile round trip hike. It's moderately difficult and absolutely beautiful. The two above pictures are the view of Timp from the top of Squaw Peak. Last Friday Hilary, Paige and I hiked it. It was my third time hiking it. I love this hike. This past time we didn't start until after 5 so by the time we reached the summit it was dark and very cold. Also, a cloud settled in and we descended through a cloud for the first half hour. It was just cold and wet. We made it home by 930 and I was thoroughly chilled. It was a wonderful hike, just as it always is, plus I feel so accomplished when I hike that. I see Squaw Peak every day and think "Yup. Been There, Done That." Here are photos from the three times I have hiked it. 

Hike 1: Dalton and Me. Early June.

Hike 2: Patrick and Me. Late September

Hike 3: Hilary, Paige and Me. Early October.

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Rebeccah Louise said...

i love tree hugger hilary so much.

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