05 October 2008

Le Week-end

Boy was this week end crazy busy, and yet it seemed so long. Wonderfully long. Let's start with Friday.

Friday: I had early morning class and then a french speaking lab and then french class. But at 1 I was finally done! I ate lunch and changed my clothes and went outside to spray paint my bike. It was the first time I had ever used spray paint. I painted it from a tacky pink color to a lovely dark green. It took forever, but it was the first really nice autumny day so I didn't mind. 

Friday Night Becky and I hung out with her friend Macord. I made a very delicious cake and went to Peruvian food with Hilary and Paige, and stayed up way too late knitting. Haha. I sure know how to party.

Saturday: I slept in and it was lovely. I had to work two shifts today, but it was raining and I was so happy for the cool weather. My shifts weren't bad and I was fed. But BEFORE I left for work, like immediately before, one of our bathrooms was flooded by at least 3 inches of water from the toilet. Oh goodness. We called emergency maintenance and they said they couldn't be here until maybe monday. What kind of emergency hotline is that?! So I had to leave for work and let my roommates clean up the "Poop Water" without me. Oh how sad I was to miss out on that. We also intensely cleaned the apartment and now it looks wonderful. I did homework when that was done and I went to bed early. 

Sunday: The big day. I woke up early and watched conference on my computer mostly by myself. I noticed that knitting while watching conference really helps me focus on what is said. How sad that I can't focus if I'm not multitasking. If I try, my brain wanders as I "listen." I did some homework when the first session was over and then Lauren asked me to wax her legs. Poor thing. She was in so much pain. But the end result makes it so worth it, and I know she agrees, since now she asks us to feel her legs every 15 minutes. Right after that I was going to leave to go to Rock Canyon and pick some leaves for my center in Preschool this week. We're making Autumn Masks. :) But as I got into my car I noticed something was amiss. Tell me what you think:

Pretty bad. Apparently my front end was WAY more out of alignment than I realized. Oh man. Luckily, Becky had a wonderful friend who came to our rescue and helped remove this tire. In the process a bolt snapped in two. I need new tires.

It was a tough job. And definitely not a clean one. 

When that was finally over we did end up going to Rock Canyon. The foliage was incredible. Almost indescribable, and the camera in no way did it justice. I have nothing more to say. The pictures will attempt to convey what we experienced. Heavenly Father, who can compare to thine masterful paintbrush?

After this, which was so beautiful that it was almost too much to bear, we went to the Rock Castle behind the Mental Hospital. It was so lovely I was near tears. On our way back we saw an apple orchard, we stopped to steal some. They were delicious. Provo looked so beautiful today. BYU looked lovely in the sunlight.

After all this Paige made us a delicious dinner. Then we settled down to watch my favorite Halloween movie of all time Hocus Pocus. I knitted away and after a few months of intermittent work, I FINALLY finished the scarf I was knitting for Lauren's birthday, which was on September 27th. Happy Birthday. Wonderfully long weekend. And now, another very busy week to follow. 

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Rebeccah Louise said...

yay, I love this post.
It was so beautiful outside...

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