25 November 2008

Oh Montana

For Thanksgiving I drove my friend Becky to her family's new home in Montana. It was an 8 hour drive, without cruise control... We stopped in Rexburg to pick up a friend from BYU-I. I had never been to Idaho before... or Montana. It's beautiful up here. No snow, but the mornings are crisp and sparkly. Since I've been here I've started an epidemic. Everyone wanted me to teach them how to knit! So we've purchased about 6 pairs of knitting needles and 10 skeins of yarn. Everyone is making scarves... I love it though. I love knitting, and I love that it's making a comeback! Look at the really awesome scarf that I'm knitting! It's in a traditional Norwegian style pattern. I thought it would be much more difficult than it ended up being. It looks way more impressive than it is. 

I'm grateful to spend Thanksgiving with such a great family if I can't spend it with my own family. There are 7 teenage girls, an 11 year old boy, and a darling 3 year old who can yell much louder than you would think. I love being surrounded by so many people for Thanksgiving. 

I absolutely adore the Holiday season. Cooking delicious foods while listening to Charlie Brown Music -the ultimate Holiday music. Singing Christmas carols while we set the table. Being surrounded by dozens of people who are just happy to be together. Poor Becky had to get her wisdom teeth out last night. 

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