03 December 2008

London revised

Will I go?



December 28th through March 31st!

Where will I stay?

In Central London in a flat with three other LDS girls from America.


Not so much, but I paid Le Cordon Bleu, I bought plane tickets, and we can pay rent after a little bit. The woman I'm renting from is from Utah... strange.

I'm very excited.

Yay! I'll be in London with one of my dearest friends, Hilary. 

If I could have one more thing it would be a boy... But I'm not selfish. I'll settle for cooking school in London without a boyfriend. :)

But still, a boyfriend would be nice.  

1 comment:

Rebeccah Louise said...

oh man. I totally deserve a boyfriend, since you et to be in London, I should get the boy, right?

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