24 January 2009

Semaine Quatre

So I've been here for nearly a month. I can't believe how quickly that happened. Last night my mom said if she won the lottery I could stay here and finish the pastry course. I wish. I have only 9 weeks left, and that makes me sad. I am completely in love with London. Now, while it could be a bit warmer, I don't want to leave. I feel that I've become pretty well incorporated into the lives of my friends here. And I'm so comfortable living here. I can't imagine having to go back to Provo after all this. All good things must come to an end I suppose. And there is a lot waiting for me back in Provo. And this was a dream come true; but it is only a dream -it's not reality- and it will not last. So here's to London and to knowing that the next two months will be just as amazing as the first. 

Now, my past week's activities. 

I learned the history of London, exploring the Museum of London with Rassin.

I fed the Queens Swans in Kensington Gardens.

I stood inside a tree. 

I got caught in a London rainstorm.

I ate a traditional cheap British meal of Baked Beans on Toast. Very good.

I went grocery shopping and enjoyed it very much.

I learned that I want everything sorted  by "dearest first."

I went bowling and had a waffle. 

I got to spend time with a friend, getting to know him better, and learning a lot about myself.

I went to Madame Tussauds wax museum, for free. Because I'm American, and it was a special Inauguration Day deal. An awesome deal too, because I would not have paid 25 pounds to get in. There I learned about the gruesome history of that museum and took photos with many of my favorite celebrities along side my dear friend Hilary.

I got to see the inauguration from the Brit's perspective. Everyone seems a lot more knowledgeable than we are... And it seems that people here either love Obama or couldn't care less. I for one say, whether or not you voted for him, he's our president, and since you voted you sustain the way our government works, so sustain our leader. Here's to President Obama!

I hung out with friends for the weekly movie night where we watched Back to the Future part III and I ate too many delicious snacks. 

I started running. 7am. At least a mile and a half -awesome. I wouldn't do it unless David ran with me, because I honestly have no personal motivation to do that stuff. I need the competition.

I have sore muscles for the first time since quitting ballet. 

I got lost in Hampstead for over an hour...

I visited Kenwood House. Too bad it took me a few hours to get there and half the house was closed. I'll go again. It was lovely. 

I was on a crowded bus full of school children. It was very fun to listen to their interactions, and accents. 

I ran again. 

I learned all about Chou pastry and made chocolate eclairs and swans.

I shared my delicious creations at Institute where I learned about Paul's missionary journeys and that the Brits call the game "Sharks and Minnows" by the name of "Bulldog." Also, when playing Blind Mans Bluff, instead of calling "Marco/Polo" when they need help, they call "Thunder/Flash." 

I ran again, but this time in the rain. 

I helped Becky with French homework over Skype.

I got a letter and photos from Perry in Spain.

I learned how to properly make a lemon meringue pie. I also learned that I don't like lemon meringue pie - or since our Chef "doesn't make pie!" Tart au Citron. It tastes a bit like vomit to me... I'm not sure why. Probably I threw it up once. 

I gave this tart away. Luckily I had a Chinese New Year party to attend so it was easy - and everyone there really liked it, so Cheers. 

I was in a car accident. Everything is ok, but the jerk who hit us didn't want to admit he'd done anything. It was weird and made us an hour and a half late to Niall's party! 

I tried to get Blyk free cell phone service and worked on my phone for hours, even using tech support, but my phone doesn't like Blyk. Now I need a different phone to use it. This is proper rubbish. 

I did laundary. 

I missed my friends back home. 

I caught you all up on my activities.


Kristy/"Grammy" said...

Your pastries look amazing and obviously London agrees with you! It is awesome that you have this opportunity to enjoy all this history and culture. Thanks for sharing it! ♥
Dad & Kristy

Rebeccah Louise said...

1. speaking of dreams, remind me to tell you about the dream i had of you.
i promise it's not long or boring.

2.You used to complain about sore muscles all the time, liar.

3. Sharks and Minnows? What is that, even?

4. That pie looks freaking AWESOME.

4. chinese party? car crash? why has it been so long since we've spoken?

Polly said...

I want to eat the swans. What are the necks made of? The pie looks amazing! I love pie, can I make it with splenda? Everything loks awesome and fun. Yeah for Lana.

Polly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Polly said...

1. i thought 5 can after 4, Becky

2. Becky is right that pie look friggin AWESOME!!!!!!

3.I wanna swan!!

4. This is Jack.

Polly said...

aah yyes did i forget to mention i still think you look bald in that one picture.


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