26 January 2009


So I never thought I'd get a chance to go to Prague. It seems like a cool place to go, but it was never high on my priority list. While I'm in England, I wanted to do some traveling, especially my last week here when I wouldn't have classes. I was thinking Scotland, Ireland, France again maybe, but no. No. I'm going to Prague. And do you know what I'm going to do there? I'm going to run a half marathon. Yes. Awesome. I've started training and I registered today. $50. But even if I can't finish in the 3 hour time limit I'll have at least participated and I get a lot of cool stuff for being a participant. And how awesome is that? "Oh yeah, I ran a half marathon in Prague when I was 20." Yeah. Awesome. I used to run cross country, so I can do this. I'm fully confident. 

For those of you who don't know what a half marathon consists of:

21.097 Km  or 13 miles

And I'll have a chip on so when I'm running you can track my progress. Learn more! 


travis pitcher said...

Wow, a half marathon... Those are fun. You run for like 3 hrs. And why can't you participate in the poll? And yes, the poll does hold deeper philisophical, theological, and intrisic value than what appears on the face, but we are not talking about survival, we are speaking of immediate choices. For example, you will eat again, and sleep again, but if given the choice between eating, sleeping, loving, or pickles at one immediate time, assuming that the others will be impossible to do simultaneously, which one would you choose at that specific time. I chose love because I continually put off other things for love like sleep and eating. Love for my major or for people or for life. Love. Anyways, a small (friggin' long) explanation.

ps you all are the coolest people I have ever met by the way.

Kristy/"Grammy" said...

That is so awesome Lana. You'll have to help us track you during the marathon. I checked the website and wow, you sure get a lot of perks. Good Luck .... YOU CAN DO IT!

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