02 February 2009

How to Shut Down a City

So I'm not at home and I wont be able to give you a normal weekly update until tomorrow probably. But currently it is snowing in London. And it has been snowing since yesterday afternoon. And this isn't casual snow, this is March in Provo snow. First people were surprised that it was actually sticking, and six inches later the surprise hasn't worn off. It is lovely, but snow doesn't impress me much anymore... thanks Utah. It is kind of like Dickens... Ba humbug.

But guess what, the city is shut down. No transportation. No snow plows. No one has seen anything like this. The city is not prepared to handle it and they'll be talking about this for a long while. No one has school and I bet work is all messed up as well.

So where am I? Not at home. With none of my own comforts. I went to watch the superbowl at a friend's house with Angus and Kate, the game wasn't over until about 315a here. Yeah. It started at 1130pm. But when it was over, the snow was coming down so hard that the buses were suspended. Kate got a taxi home, but I didn't have money and didn't bother. I slept on Angus' floor. And today all the transportation is suspended, so I'm stuck here for the day. It's not all bad. At least I'm stuck at a friend's house and not alone. Though all the plans I had are shot... And I was woken up around 8a, which sucks because we didn't get to sleep until 4a. All the boys rushed into the living room where I was peacefully asleep, and hardly clothed... It'll be a good day.

Everyone here is all a-twitter over the snow. There is about 10 inches on average everywhere- some places getting upwards of a foot. Crazy. The coolest part of my snow experience was that I saw like 10 foxes in the snow last night. They are beautiful. And they have their own theme song. Thanks Belle & Sebastian.

Also, a side note. I left Provo for the winter thinking I'd get a nice break since last winter was the coldest/snowiest winter Provo had endured for quite some time. Well guess what, I have a knack for picking places to live during their coldest winter. London: coldest winter in more than 2 decades. Right now we're dealing with icy gales from Siberia. Thanks Russia.


Rebeccah Louise said...

maybe you're causing all the snow.
did you ever think of that, smarty pants?

Kristy/"Grammy" said...

We saw that London got 6 inches today and will get another 6 overnight. We were wondering how they would handle all that snow so quick. Be safe getting home. We will purchase your ticket tomorrow so I'll email you with details. ♥ Dad & Kristy

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