19 March 2009

Bring Me Home!

Class is over. I'm basically all packed, and I'm just itching to come home. I want to leave right now. Not that I'm not still in love with London, I'm just so very ready to leave. The sunshine here only makes me want Redding, and In-N-Out, and Mexican food. I've been searching for cheap flights to bring me home sooner. Maybe I also feel that if I leave right now, I wont have time to get really sad about leaving everyone here whom I love. 


Rebeccah Louise said...

these are the type of posts i like.
and about how much you miss me.

okay, i know that i was never mentioned.
but you know, I LOVE YOU.
come home soon.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry. I know what it's like to be far from home for a while. At least you have friends there. Redding will have you soon enough. :)

Daniel "The Wolf" Hayes

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