19 March 2009

friends don't let friends skim posts

So I know my blog posts have been super long these past three months, but it is to save you the inconvenience of having to check everyday, plus then I can wrap up my weeks in a more concise manner and things flow better in week form. Today my dear friend Becky says that she does not read my posts, she just skims them and looks at the pictures. When I said that Lauren reads them all she told me that was not true. Friends, is this true? Do you skim my posts and look at the pictures? Because there is a lot that you are missing, many good anecdotes and stories that I cannot display in the photos. Soon enough my posts will be short again and filled with the mundane as I am very soon to be going home. Much sooner even than we all thought. Today I was able to change my flight for very cheap and I fly home next Wednesday the 25th. This means I wont get to run in Prague, but there is a half marathon in Salt Lake City on April 18th, so my training didn't go to waste. I'll see you all very soon! And I'll post my weekly update when I'm 20... 


Lauren said...

Ignore Becky. Of course I read your entire blog posts.

Love you.

Sebastian Dick said...

No Prague?!?
I'm going to *start* skim reading your posts from now on.


Anonymous said...

Not to be weird but I've read ALL of your posts.

I find the life of an old friend highly intriguing.

Mr. Hayes

Kristy/"Grammie" said...

Happy 20th Birthday Lana! Hope you had a wonderful day...we can't wait to see you! When you get back we have a little something for you! Call when you can! Love, Dad & Kristy

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